NBA 23/24

Kyrie really struggles with this Celtics lineup. Too quick, too long.

Really struggling to get excited by this series though tbh. Not sure why.

Because Celtics :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:


Crickets despite Game 2 now into the 4th quarter

Half the board don’t like the Celtics.
The other half don’t like Luka.

I’m away from the screen so will watch a replay later on.


Many don’t like Luka or the Leprechauns.

if you watch any usa sports, and dont go for a team based in boston, you hate them, the over saturation of them in media coverage is worse than afl’s hard on for slandering essendon



This is like a Fark Carlton v Collingwood Grand Final. I wouldn’t watch a minute of that and I won’t watch a minute of this either. It is what it is


What a boring finals series so far.

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mavs are playing about as stupid as you could

refs are paid off it seems

I know they only gotta give Finals MVP to Brown or Tatum, but man Holiday should win it.

Will be interesting to see how Tatum is rated should the Celtics win.
USA are used to their star led teams, but this is a good team based on everyone doing their bit. San Antonio had it, but Duncan was considered their most important player in that system. Boston are the most balanced team since Detroit (Billups). Can’t think of any other team like it.
I’m excluding Miami and Golden State as those two teams were pretty much stacked.


True, could be just a case of you gotta give it to someone so just give it to best player. But Holiday has been immense these past two games.

Bet Milwaukee are loving that Dame trade…

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Watched the game. Celtics just so many options whereas Mavs rely too much on Luka



Jerry west had passed away

What an icon.

Fair to say every aspect of his basketballing life he excelled at


doris is endgame underwood

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Celtics smoking the Mavs in Dallas .

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