NBA 23/24

Spewing @barnz got a good one. Kel’ el Ware is gonna be special.

I think hes got a skillset modern NBA requires, I think hes about 3 years in the gym away from being that guy

just needs to stay away from the kryptonite.


Now out with “knee soreness”. Probably a face saving excuse.

Is anyone else watching this summer league game?

Kawhi Leonard has been withdrawn from Team USA for the Olympics. The Clippers have requested he not participate. Derrick White his replacement. Surprised Jaylen Brown didn’t get the call-up…

miami’s roster is looking a bit interesting from the role players and new draftees, bit of a different make up to the years ive been watching them

He’s playing today.

The amount of money in the NBA is just unreal.

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It’s hard to imagine a more meaningless, non indicative , less consequential tournament than a lead up event to an already largely insignificant summer league.

Except for one thing. It might prove to be Charles Lee’s first statement on changing the culture, style and outlook for Charlotte. His setups appear to demand an intent to defend with energy, and early buy in from mainly unlisted players. What is this mysterious concept?

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Watching this warm up match between the US and Canada makes me realise how much better FIBA rules are. Embiid so ineffective today.


low key.



US will end up starting AD In rhe Olympics

the problem with that is he’s undersized vs a lot of Fiba bigs.

How does he go at the 5 defensively vs France with Gobert and Wemby?

Possibly as well as anyone. That’s a tough gig.


Now rumoured that Leonard has retired

Sounds like his knee flared up and he wasn’t fit enough. That with his age and sheer amount he’s missed, probably really upset him.

He hasn’t played in the Olympics and with his body isn’t guaranteed to be there when he’s 37.

Got $150m on the table. Gotta take care of himself.

Lowry stays with Philly. Relief. Suns were keen. No thanks.

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