NBA 23/24

Morey is a liar…Harden is a loser

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If he was promised a max so he would take a pay cut to sign Tucker and House and then they changed their minds he has every right to be ■■■■■■


They should get rid of Harden and sign Duop Reath


I went to the game last night and it was unreal. To see the speed at which these nba players play is mind boggling.

Giddy is something else. You have to keep reminding yourself he’s only 20.


This is now 4 teams in 4 years he’s engineered a way to get out of. And the team can’t be the problem 100% of the time. Time for a good hard look in the mirror James…

This is now 2 players in 2 years engineering their way out of Philly. The player can’t be the problem 100% of the time…


there a boomers thread?

Giddey will be Australia’s greatest baller by the end of his career

absolute prototype perfect point guard for where the nba is right now as a league

knows when to pass and when to drive, great length, 3pt shot improving every year, near triple double every game


Giddy was so good last night. So glad I got to see him live.


What’s this all about?


Philly can’t just be normal for a season.

most of the forum my guy


oh snap

The in season tournament fixture was released an hour ago.

Can anyone tell me the best place to buy game tickets? I know seat geek and Ticketmaster are two options.

At least we won’t be boring

Brasil leading the Boomers 90-86 in the 4th.
Australia’s shooting in the 4th gone stone cold.

That’s the final score.

Giddey 20 (7/19) 10r 4a
Mills 11 (2/13)
Kay 10 (4/8) 7r
Reath 10 (4/6)
Exum 8 (3/5)
Ingles 5 (2/5)

Any notable ins and outs?

Still no Green.

Between Giddey, Ingles and Mills 4/23 from deep. Ouch.

I think I would rather have had White on the court at the end needing a 3 than Exum