NBA 23/24

some absolute smashings today.

It would be related to his original injury that he had surgery for.




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way too early too tell, Wemby is 2 years younger and doesn’t have the players around him Chet does, it’s already all falling on Wemby if the spurs want to win a game, Chet is an awesome cherry on the SGA cake atm with no huge pressure to win games by himself



Not surprising ball movement has improved, Harden’s a hog.


If this guy stays healthy……

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Max STRUS with the half time buzzer beater

Are Cavaliers better without D. Mitchell?

Spida to heat? :eyes:

Hey bulls fans. Coby white legit yeah?

I really dislike Ayton so this made me happy :laughing:

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Why, because you should’ve drafted Luka at 1?


Lamelo Ball is such an unconventional player. Very fun to watch.

Hornets will be a lot better with Bridges back in their lineup.


I do like his game. He’s getting more efficient every year. Not sure Charlotte is a market that will be able to surround him with the pieces needed to win, but who knows. They need some luck somewhere along the line to get him a co-star that will allow the Hornets to compete.

Yeah I agree with that, but Bridges could definitely be that piece if he stays out of trouble. Dude is a beast and they have some nice role players.

The so-called “small market” teams that stockpile assets are the ones that have the best chance. Like OKC, potentially Utah with the hauls they got for Mitchell/Gobert, Cleveland. Draft well, get a good young core and then where there’s a trade that suits and you get a star level player for 3+ years pull the trigger. It’s hard when you aren’t that desirable FA destination like the LA teams…

It’s a disgrace that Bridges is even allowed to play. IMO.


Orlando are taking some names. Just beat the defending champs, 5 game win streak!

Boston hang on against a fast-finishing Bucks after being in control for most of the night. Definitely a heavyweight match-up and one you expect at some point in the playoffs.

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Happens to coincide with Jingles finding his stroke again.