NBA 23/24

We wouldn’t win an internal trial currently.
Utter trash

Charlotte trades half the starting roster, starts winning. Without Ball or Mark Williams. Wth!?

Grant Williams, Seth Curry and Mann all made crucial contributions.

Clifford is clearly sending messages to the group - and maybe former players - by pointedly referring to a desire to compete and win re Curry and Gwilliams.

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Giddey misses his first FGA and Shaq says that’s who Magic will be wanting to shoot the ball.

Giddey then hits his next 5 in a row. He’s 5/6.


Takes 2 more shots for the game, and misses both. Weird.

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Impressive win by the heat to torch bucks without jimmy.

Countdown to firing Doc begins in 3 2 1…

ADD: Should begin.


Not that weird considering the 3 he missed were 3pt attempts. The 5 he didn’t weren’t.

Basketball terrorist

Mind you, Giannis pushed for the Lillard trade and then blamed the coach because they couldn’t defend any more. They probably deserve each other

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The weird was the 2 shots in the last 3Q

Warriors apparently tried to trade for LeBron last week!

And 76ers did too!

latest charges (for breaking an intervention order ) against Bridges dropped after conflicting statements from his ex-partner. So, as long as he stays out of trouble, at least Charlotte don’t have to worry about him missing more basketball on that front.

Warriors dodged a bullet there.

Some form slump we are in

Celtics up by 50!

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No Randle, OG, DiVicenzo, Bogdanovic.

heat ruthlessly beat the hospital 76ers

I dont mind the pieces the sixers have now if Embiid can come back fit. Just have to limit the damage

Pieces are ok but Celtics are going to kerb stomp the East if they stay fit. Too big, too long, too deep.

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