Nbl 16/17


Hey was just wondering if anyone followed the national basketball here?

I know at times the competition level is average, coverage can be boring and for a few years it died for a while but I feel that it’s growing in popularity again.
I’ve been to a couple of live games lately and enjoy the atmosphere. Good entertainment for families.
Being in WA im a cats fan but I do enjoy watching a few other teams particularly Melbourne and Sydney.

Thought I would start a thread if anyone had any interest in discussing?


At the 36ers tonight and we have all been evacuated. Haven’t been given a reason yet


Go to the Snakes games when I can. A friend of mine is an official scorer and gets an allotment of free tickets each game, and usually settings a couple my way.

Usually we’ll take our almost 5yr old neph with us. He frickin loves it.


I got back into it last year. Grew up a massive Canberra Cannons fan back in the days of Phil Smyth, Tad Dufelmeir, Cal Bruton etc etc.

I hated the Melbourne tigers but the Cannons folded in 2003 so when I moved to Melbourne in 2006 I started following the Tigers.

Last year I really enjoyed the comp and think it will continue to grow. Haven’t been to a game in this season yet but it’s on early days and the tv coverage is awesome.

Spewing about the Goulding ankle injury last night but hope he’s not out too long. He’s had some bad luck. Just like Bledsoe for my Phoenix Suns.


Agree Foggy, the quality has really jumped up, the preseason comp in Brisbane was great too. We have been supporting Melbourne but may jump to Brisbane for obvious reasons, I was Scott Fisher NM Giants fan in the day. Good to have a team back in Brisbane but the stadium only fits 2500 so has been hard to get tickets, at least they are selling out so might stick around.


Son likes going to the Melbourne United games. Went last Sunday, might go again this Sunday.
I use to follow the Wildcats when I lived in Perth many years ago; the standard of the game seems to be lower than in the hey-days.


Steve Blake signed for Sydney Kings.


My wife gets tickets to the Sixers through work and I probably go to half a dozen home games a year max. She hates basketball so I usually go with a bloke from work. Used to take my son a fair bit when he was younger but he doesn’t really follow it anymore.

At the 36ers tonight and we have all been evacuated. Haven't been given a reason yet

What was the reason in the end?


Good game on the moment Melbourne vs cats.
Melbourne going deep into their bench missing Goulding.
Leading by 4 at HT


Perth starting to get on top now.


Perth lucky to win that one. So many turnovers. If Goulding plays united win that game.

Cats go to top of ladder now. Not convinced with new recruit Ingram yet but it’s only his second game after flying in for the weekend. Will that decision to cut Johnson and bring him in prove to be right? Time will tell.

Melbourne should be in the mix come playoffs time.

At the 36ers tonight and we have all been evacuated. Haven't been given a reason yet

What was the reason in the end?

Suspicious package found in one of the toilets. We were shunted outside and waited about 45 minutes before the all clear was given. Not sure if it was a hoax or not because the next day an actual bomb was found in one of our big shopping centres