Nbl 2017/18

Really impressed by the standard this year from the games I’ve seen. Reckon basketball is in a pretty good state currently. Melbourne United and Perth look the two best sides early on and by some bit. Just saw the Sixers score and we have 96 on the board at 3/4 time although Sydney look pretty poor

Yeah, seems a touch too nice. Has a pretty poor squad to work with aswell and think they have lost a couple of their better players to LTI.
Apparently Childress has joined the Sixers which should put us around the mark

While Sydney were truly awful yesterday, that was a pretty Damn impressive destroyation by the Sixers.

Sobey was well and truly in the zone. Shorter and Moore very nice additions too.

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Andrew Gaze thinks he can run a small ball team unfortunately if you don’t have a proper centre on your team well that just destroys anything. He cant hide he picked the imports players for the team so he must take the responsibility…dean vickerman was the coach last year while Andrew did his apprenticeship…he should still be an apprentice!

If you listen to Andrew Gaze talk about anything but basketball, you realise what a nincompoop he is.

Still to basketball, Andrew.


A couple more results like the weekend and that choice may be removed from his hands.

Bogut blocking everything.

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Box score only had him at 3 to half time, but should have been 5.

Wasn’t prominent in the second hal,f though.

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Started on fire in game 1 (11 boards in the first q) before Daniel Johnstone made him look third rate for the remainder.

Hasn’t exactly burst out of the blocks.

I thought the same when I came home, he must have got more than 3.

Sixers are stinky ATM.

When their hectic pace game plan doesn’t come off, they look extremely ordinary.

Shorter and Childress are big losses, Adris is looking anything but “2 hard 2 guard”.

The losses from last seasons squad was always going to be hard to cover. Adris played his last game today and there weee rumours of a scuffle between him and others.
Conger is apparently returning to the NBL to fill his import sport