NBN - should I stay or should I go?

Meanwhile in Northcote, Telstra is putting the pressure on to shift to NBN. Anyone else made the move? What was your experience?

FYI I have underground cable to the house which currently gives me around 32MBps download speed. They are assuring me speed will improve to a minimum of 40/45MBps. Also my current contract expires next Feb & costs $90p.m. for broadband, phone line & local calls, so this could be an opportunity to look elsewhere. I know can get cheaper with TPG, but I don’t want to lose the extras I get with Telstra (Telstra TV, BigPond Movies, AFL Live). Having said that, I think I would most likely retain these under my Telstra mobile plan.

So I’m dithering a bit & tempted to leave as-is until threatened with disconnection.

I think there’s an NBN thread.
If we’re still in this house by the time it rolls around to us, doubtful, then I’ll share your concerns.
I just don’t trust it.
I’m on cable and it works fine for my needs.
Last thing I want is the reported dropouts and wasting time with telco’s trying to fix stuff.

I thought there was a NBN thread too. Searched, but didn’t see. Merge away if needed mods…

I didn’t go from cable, but adsl to nbn.

Flawless installation, flawless connection.

Billing was a 6 month nightmare and that was telstra to telstra.

I didn’t pay a telstra bill for a year though cause of it.

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NBN have laid fibre to curb in my neighbourhood but it doesn’t come online until Oct/Nov. I’m currently with Optus Cable 50mbps download speeds (peak times more like 5-10) for $90 per month ($80 if you’re an Optus mobile customer). I contacted Optus who said they’d run fibre from the curb (I’ve got a pit right out the front on my place) into my house for free (which didn’t sound right). I still haven’t worked out if switching to NBN would be better in terms of download speeds at peak times. I’m in no hurry.

I’ve always had a similar experience - whenever Telstra have changed anything about my plan / contract / tech it becomes a Kafkaesque nightmare of calls to The Philippines & rising frustration.


Ditto. We’ve had one day where the internet was struggling, but minimal dropouts, reasonable - but far from lightning - speeds. Zero problems with Telstra’s billing too…this time. When I moved in, had heaps of billing issues.

Speed with Telstra is a beautiful thing. I’m lucky I have fibre to the home though or FTTP.

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I’m on 36 and 5.
I guess if I was playing online games I might care.
And don’t get me wrong, I wanted the whole country to get what you have.
But coming from a personal history of going, ‘Yay! I’m up to 2MB per minute on Napster!’, then I’d much, much, much rather keep what I have then ever call a Telstra cough ‘customer service’ line again.

Edit: Interesting subtopic: Things you’d rather do than resolve a problem with Telstra.
Edit: Edit: And this is a company…we’ve unplugged our landline. Because that is the best solution to ending scam calls. Seriously, fark Telstra.
Twice in the last ten years we’ve fallen prey to their salesmen telling us to change plans because it’s sooooo much cheaper, only for it to turn out not to be and have their admin staff tell us ‘they shouldn’t have said that.’
Just…talking to Telstra has taken years off my life.
Never, ever again.

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I do get concerned with the impact 4K will have if it’s delivered over the internet. I’d prefer Netflix and others would only deliver HD. It’s not as if there’s that much of a difference, particularly when you remember the aged library VHS tapes from the 80s.

Yep. That gold-plated service I pay for has taken years off my life I reckon.

Old people don’t understand the internet is the thread.


Do you even pay for your own internet?

Go with Aussie Broadband.

Great company.

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You’ll have to change anyway. No choice. It’s just a question whether you do so now or at the end of the transition (a year or so after it becomes available).

If you’re in a Telstra Cable area (HFC) it may not be a good idea to switch immediately as initially a larger slice of that cable may be apportioned to existing Telstra Cable customers.

Also, fark all you bastardos with NBN. I was due to get “real” NBN six months after the 2013 election… now I might get access to crappy HFC in 2019.


Yes why?

Because you’re being kind of a jerk.

Usually you’d be right . But not this time.

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Poxtel will beam 4K in October. Just need to have a HD subscription and get a new 4K iq4.