NBN - should I stay or should I go?

I didnt get a choice.

Telstra sent me a brand new modem, plugged in, instant transfer. No extra charges. 1000GB a month on 50 down 10 up I think.

Started on 500GB, 25 down and 5 up and they upgraded it with no extra charge 4 months later.

I do know that, but I’m satellite. Not sure I’d bother getting the 4K version of any download. Not sure I see the point for a lot of material…HD is good enough.

You can choose what gets streamed to you in settings. I’ve set it to hd because ADSL is ■■■■.

Yeah, but what are NBN speeds like during peak times?

Glad I got on MyRepublic before they changed their prices. Still getting 100mbps for $60/mo. Steal!

Can’t beat fibre to the home either.


FTTN supposedly being enabled in my area in September. Currently on 4mb/0.8mm ADSL so I will take any sort of improvement…

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I’m exactly the same, waiting for them to advise I can connect. They laid cables in Feb.

It’s delivered by satellite only mate.
No need to worry about bandwidth.
I’m in.

I thought the only things recorded in 4k were those timelapse cityscapes they put on tvs in showrooms. Why would you want to stream that?


it won’t be worse than an ageing network that has no maintenance done on it because the NBN have bought it.

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That depends on the connection type (FTTN, FTTP, HFC, soon to be FTTC) amount of traffic that flows in the area and how much “bandwidth” the carrier you are with has bought.

FTTP is generally best, followed by FTTC then HFC/FTTN.

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18 months max

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Yeah, but are they peak time speeds show off :grinning: 9.05am, when everyone’s at work …

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Oh that’s 9:05AM GMT which is 7:05pm melbourne time.


I love those time lapse demotapes. I want them. In UHD, 4K, whatever.


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because you’re worth it.

I kinda liked 1998.
How did you do it?

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