Needles in strawberries!


I recalled a small warehouse worth of cheese contaminated with rats turds once.


I like your style of womping.


Coppers looking for someone who practises voodoo.


Needles to say, hopefully the pressure points to an early surrender


These puns are sew awful.


Some sharp posts here


Hope those responsible face the pointy end of the law


Strawberries will be going for a steel now


I could keep going but these ■■■■■■■ puns are pointless


Just bobbin’ my head up and down in agreement.


Anyone else think the saying “I got pins and needles” is stupid? They are essentially the same thing.


Threads got me in stitches


Are you really Bob Downe in real life?


good to see Mark Needl is not a suspect


Good point!


we copped a dodgy punnet! whoever this motherfarker is should have to eat and then pass every one of those needles. what a prick.


Can’t be one person, not even close to possible. The time and effort to go through every punnet and stick needles in the amount of strawberries is huge.


‘Eat Healthy’ they say.

‘Its good for you,’ they say.

You don’t hear about this happening to donuts.


It’s allways berries too.

If it’s not needles it’s hepatitis, which coincidentally is pretty funny.


How much are they stinging people?