Needles in strawberries!


Really? You found a needle? If you did that’s farked man. Seriously.


Yep, better half bought a few packs on the weekend from rowville safeway. Little one had some that were ok, on Wednesday when it all came out mother in law cut up the rest and found the needles.


Apparently another 3 farms have had it happened to them, they reckon copy cats?


I wonder if this is like the Tylenol crisis which happened in 80’s Chicago? Or just an angry simpleton, bitter with the world.


Berry funny.


What a thread


So what did you do about it? Have the police got it?


Sorry I’m late.


MIL took them back to the store, this was before the news reports were directing people to police. didn’t help that the store manager was a goose and didn’t really seem to give a stuff. so they’re in a bin somewhere rotting away now.

in hindsight, should’ve taken them straight to the cops but alas it wasn’t to be.


In all seriousness, this must absolutely devastating for the farmers. Hope whoever the a55hole(s) who did this do serious time.

Also something berry pun needle pun something something


Interesting! What a ■■■■■■. Stick a nail in his car tyre and tell him that’s how you felt about your strawberry.


Bought a punnet of strawberries today. Sounds like others are doing the same to help out the farmers.




will you shed a tear?


You sentimental sew-and-sew.


so it seams


A-hem…needles to say.


Darn it.