Netflix - recommend me a good movie/TV series


Yep very pleasantly surprised. Watching it as one of the GF’s picks. She loves Gilmore Girls, I don’t.

But this is really good. Really funny.


Mr robot.
Strong acting, writing, filming but can go missed and story goes over some peoples heads.
4th and last season will start soon.


It was like mad men meets Seinfeld.
Never watched Gilmore girls but maybe I should as it’s the same creator.


Happy is a brilliant show. The second season is set to come out in April.


My sister and her husband are down, so I’m watching it for the second time. So very good.

The ones who usually get the big kudos are Rachel Brosnahan (House of Cards, Manhattan), Alex Borstein (Meg from Family Guy) and Tony Shalhoub (Monk), but Marin Hinkle as Rose, Midge’s mum, is brilliant too.

And Zachary Levy from Chuck is prominent in the second series.

The dialogue is as good as anything you’ll hear.

Best TV show I’ve seen in 5 years…at least.


If you haven’t seen it, watch Mindhunter. Very very good. Altered Carbon and Lost in Space are also very good if you like sci-fi.


From the makers of Crank.


Please explain the explanation mark. :smiley:

I saw a really interesting doco on a plane recently. It was about how China has installed 20,000 km of high speed train lines (vs 0 in Aus) and all the things they had to invent to do that. I had thought that all they needed to do was just do more pretty much what they do for normal trains, but it is amazing all the extra challenges they had to meet and overcome.

A few weeks later I saw a news report that China just had a contract to sell high speed trains to Germany, so their engineering would have to be superb.

Look out for it - or take a ride on one if you go to China.


Mindhunter was really good.
I recently watched “you” which was pretty good also the latest interactive Netflix series of black mirror where u choose the story. Was hilarious making choices and seeing the results.


You’re just jealous of my new friend and all my new knowledge


High speed rail - didn’t realise it was an election year?


hehehe oops!!! <=== (extra added for explanation :stuck_out_tongue: )


American Vandal

Absolutely gripping stuff