Netflix - recommend me a good movie/TV series


After Life. Follows a guy (Ricky Gervais) after the death of his wife. Contrasting moments of dark and light. Sometimes i was close to switching it off but I’m glad i hung in til the end. Only six episodes so not a huge time investment.

Also worth trying is Russian Doll. A girl keeps dying then coming back to life at the same moment on her birthday. She starts realising the consequences of different decisions she makes, and… well, i won’t give any more away.


I binge-watched a series call Love, Death and Robots, which was right up my street.
Five to twelve minute long short stories. They’re unconnected and mostly are about some sort of dystopian future.
In many cases the animation is amazing.

Not family viewing at all. Some episodes are quite brutal, so…you know…you’ve been warned.

The first episode though, called Three Robots, I would recommend to anyone. Three robots tour a desolate post-apocalyptic city as tourists, trying to figure out what these humans were all about.
It is very, very funny, and PG.

Weird that it was the first episode when it’s the least representative. I was kind of hoping they’d come back, to be honest.


LOVED After Life. Brilliant. Is it a comic tragedy or a tragic comedy.

Also really liking the docuseries “Losers” about the less famous/accomplished sportspeople.


Man, we loved that too. Binged the whole season.

In Singapore though, Sonnie’s Edge was episode 1. Potentially the greatest 15 minute story in history.

Do you have any other shows like this Wim?


I wish I did.
I guess in tone I’d compare it to The Outer Limits and an old British animated series called Monkey Dust.

Sonnie’s Edge was amazing. One of the many that made you think there might be a film or a series in them.

Still, though…pretty brutal.


Yeah, not many shows that make Game of Thrones feel a bit soft.

Have you watched Altered Carbon. Very good distopian future series on Netflix.


I have not. I’ll definitely check it out.


If you’re a Motley Crue fan or into the 80s music era and have read their book the dirt, I recommend the movie the Dirt.


Thanks, I read the book. Was a mild bogan at one stage so keen to see the craziness. Will check it out


Yea it’s worth watching, obviously they can’t squeeze everything from the book into a 2 hour movie but it’s still a good watch


I read an article on it the other day pointing out the many ways in which it differs from the reality/book. JFYI.


Breaking Bad
West World
Game of Thrones
True Detective
Stranger Things

All these 6 are outstanding and most have got a huge following. And then the next lot are a rung down but still great productions. I imagine opinions would differ more on these depending what you’re in to.

House of cards
Sons of Anarchy


Three out of six with an ordinary second season…


Been mentioned before but definately needs a bump in this thread.


A german drama (please don’t watch it dubbed) that seems to start out as a missing kids/thriller style cop drama that quickly takes a hard left for a mind [email protected] of epic proportions.

@AVanderScreamer I reckon you’d like this one. It’s less cop drama, more sci-fi wtf’ry.

Dark is my most anticipated series for the year after GOT.


Adding it now. Many thanks.


Season 1 of Jessica Jones Is well worth seeing.


Yea it’s not 100 percent accurate but the good stuff is still in there, like Ozzy snorting his own urine off the pavement


I enjoyed Bandersnatch.
But being a big Laurie Anderson fan, I was always going to. :wink:


Yeah I certainly enjoyed it - the villain played by the dude from Dr Who was a highlight.


Dark has just gone on the list. Cheers.