Never bring rubbish to a bin chicken fight - game review


It’s a worry that every 1/2 brain peanut on here knew that we would need hooker forward this week but the coach decided to leave him back in defence for the first 3 quarters!


and just to pour salt in the gaping wound, Woosha spoke about it being ‘too little too late’ in the presser!

You could not make this ■■■■ up.


Mum was going through a heap of our old kids clothes the other day and produced one that is brown


I’m still so angry.

So angry at everything.

At every single thing.


This picture is an indictment on this footy club. They should have been on their haunches hurting and ashamed for that sh*tfull display of absolute crap football. This picture epitomises everything that’s wrong with this club.


Except Zerret and Dev. They actually look gutted. (In different ways)
But yes Hepp and Myers. Not A Good Look.


Fuuuck how low have we sunk. Two of our leaders acting like that.
Jesus Christ.


Clear now Brown was our second/maybe most important forward


I turned off after that kick. I could not even bring myself to post on here for 12 hours.
We should have beaten them easily.
Looking at the performances we had the best 3 players, the rest were about the same except for the last 6 to 8 players, ( the Sydney kids ) who were much better than our poorest 6 to 8 players.

Instead of Sydney hunting us, it should have been the other way around. After all the SCG is one of out graveyards isnt it?


Don’t watch the replay. All the tackles, just enough, don’t bother trying to pin the ball or knock it out, may as well have not even tackled.

I don’t think I’ve seen so many free opponents in a contested situation just there for an easy handball

Somebody mentioned as soon as we turn it over allt he players start running back and the opposition just raffles it around and runs it down as a pack of 4 with nobody on them

Saw this happen to multiple essendon players

I seriously think we just seem to have recruited the stupidest footballers the country has to offer, some just completely baffling stupidity and i’m only into the 2nd qtr

No other team retards it up like we do, a true high level of spastic never seen before in the league

hats off to everyone involved, a ■■■■ show of the highest order.


Worsfold and/or the coaches for sure.

The only notable obvious change was putting Hooker forward in the 4th, and even then I think the most plausible explanation for that is Hooker came out of the huddle forgetting which way we were kicking.


Please send the email to the EFC.


Thank fark I’ll be in Europe during our annual June ■■■■ fest (aware we have started early).


Better stay there and enjoy the scenery, have fun and come back in early October.


If I’m still alive when we win our next premiership I’m going to be almightly drunk afterwards.


At least I found a picture to make the Essingtons feel better… images-1


You and me both however I don’t know whether or not I’ll live that long.


The definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Sounds like our midfield kicking into the forward line. When there’s no tall target worth it, do NOT bomb it in! We did it against Geelong and their backs lapped it up; we did it against Sydney, same result. Even I know that and I’m a long way from being a League footballer!


This time he moved him at half time…be fair.

Didn’t appear to do much else though.


Anyone else getting really nervous about playing F##k Carlton .