New Blitz Thread


I’ve got one in mind.


Four certainties in life.

  1. Death
  2. Taxes
  3. People complaining on Blitz after a loss
  4. BSD complaining about people complaining on Blitz after a loss


Can i add a 5th? people not knowing how to use forum softwares.


@Riolio desktop Blitz broke today. Firefox. Went full Reimers mode (all white space, random hyperlink everywhere, totally fkd formatting) so I logged out, cleared cookies, rebooted, logged back in and same? Then I go to Chrome and log in and says I can’t log in to that account with that IP address? Wtf?


Dunno. Haven’t had anyone report an IP block in ages.


So strange? I’m obviously fine on mobile so not sure wtf is happening


VPN been on, then off?

Had something similar happen a few times, and that has been the cause.


I fixed the Firefox display thing. Had to clear cache as well as cookies, not sure why I didn’t do that immediately. VPN problem persists but I logged on with it on and then turned it off and now if I just don’t log out I’m fine. Weird though…


There is some security stuff running on top of the domain, which I dialled back when everyone was having these sorts of problems, but that’s likely your issue.