New Bomber TV show - Friday Footy Panel

Scotty Lucas and Jules DeStoop making their first appearance in their new media roles for 2017.

It’s no Blitzcast, but still good to hear pure Bomber talk.


It’s was light, it’s was fun, it features one of my favourite players ever. I look forward to it throughout the season.

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Good start. Will see how it is after a bad loss.

Hopefully there won’t be any.

Dont treat this as a proposal of marriage, but wow, Scotty just sounds like a no bs sort of guy and that I like.
You have to respect a guy who won the Crichton once as a CHF and also as a CHB.

It seemed Scotty was always in Lloydys shadow, but in many was was an unheralded star. A true swingman, who actually handballed more often that Lloydy
during his career in spite of the frequeny disparaging comments.

Yes. I await his comments after we lose a game, to see if he makes excuses, or backs it up with a no bs commentary.



Yes, great to see you talking EFC.

1000 times preferable to Lloyd.


Really interesting what he was saying about Joe. I like many others would say he has looked better when playing higher up the ground. Lucas implying that he had to play that way because we’ve been a pretty ordinary side the past two years. With a better set up Joe might be able to play closer to goal. Thats exciting, if he can produce more games like that day out against Melbourne, look out.

Give Joey a run at the ball and he will go supernova.

I farkin love Scotty Lucas.


Yep - he’s a genuine operator.

Thanks EFC! I really enjoyed the show, I like the relaxed format. It will be good to see some guests on there and how they handle it going forwards. The best thing is that it gives me 25 mins of Bomber news, gossip, strategy, player management, etc

Huge respect for Scotty, this guy was tough and very much under rated, IMO. He played with everything he had and always put in 100%. He was a shell of his former self after his knee injury. So great to see him back in some capacity.

In honour of Scotty being back at the Bombers, my elbow bursitis has flared up after my work out this morning.

Thankfully not as bad as Scotty had though.


Me too


My favourite player ever.


Elbow bursitis is worth having , just so the family can laugh about it.

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I have Lucas top five of Essendon players I’ve remembered watching in my time. His 6 or 7 goal last quarter in Hirds last game typified him. Farking bled for the jumper


He was tripped. We were ripped.


Spam the hashtag #FridayFootyPanel and ask Scotty why Parish hasn’t signed an extension yet.

Love the new show

Well done BTV

I enjoyed that, they have set a good standard. Look forward to the show during the year.
Scott Lucas is an impressive character. Articulate, perceptive and terrific football knowledge.


Why? The answer is obvious.