New club sponsor Sol Republic

It’s great that the club keeps adding sponsors like this which will keep our club strong. I like to support the sponsors when I can buy purchasing their products in preference to another brand. Of course it still needs to be good gear, so hopefully someone out there has used Sol Republic.
Does anyone have an opinion on their Amps Air earphones?
They are running a 50% off initiative through the EFC website until the 13th.
Any info on our new partner would be good to hear.

They are fashion headphones, if you actually care about sound you’d go a different brand.

a beats copy.


Pity, I was hoping to get behind them

Surely how you look is more important


I liked the look of their (more) portable Bluetooth speaker.
Inexpensive, too.
I guess I’m being over-optimistic to think it would be good sound.

I’ll buy almost anything at 50% off

Some hyper inflated prices comparing the Australian website to the US. There is an exchange difference, but no excuse for charging AUD $279.95 for the same headphones being sold for USD $149.95 on the US site. And so on - there’s a decent mark up on ever product.

The prices which Sol Republic offer aren’t the discounted Australian version, we always pay more in Oz but $279.95 AUD is $216 USD.

The 50% off makes up for everything in terms of US and AU price differences. One of the founders, Kevin Lee, had worked for Beats Audio and he is the son of the founder of Monster AV which created Beats. So the similarity to Beats is not too surprising in that context. And their sound reproduction isn’t for the purist audiophile, but is designed to appeal to a particular younger market who like heavier bass and altered treble. Dr Dre was responsible for the sound profile of the original Beats headphones (IIRC). Apple owns Beats now, and Sol Republic has been created in a similar mould.

If you like the sound they are a good buy at 50% off, try them out at JB HiFi and make up your mind.

The 50% discount is still better than these prices, but not as dramatic a discount.

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Those new Google headphones look cool.

Imagine being able to be a babel fish for real.

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I’ve got a pair of bluetooth ones that I paid over 200 for. I will definitely buy another pair as they have been so durable. Got a tin ear though but I think the sound is ok. I looked for durability rather than sound quality when I bought mine. Sick of buying headphones that would fall apart after a year.

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50% off the RRP via the EFC website until the 13/10/17 after which time they will continue to be available via the EFC website for 50% above the RRP.