New Director

Melissa Green ex Fairfax 2010 - 2015

I’m not thrilled !

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Why not? Please expand on your post.

was hoping this was about Star Wars


It’s quite simple really, Fairfax are the devil and the Board is actively trying to undermine the club by recruiting ex-fairfax henchmen\woman to critical positions within the inner-sanctum of the club. duh.

EDIT: Apparently people are taking this literally. This is sarcasm. I have no issue with this appointment.


Fairfax are a mouthpiece for Vlad and Gil and were particpants in costing the players a year, Jobe his brownlow and EFC 4 years of hell.

I am dubious about any direct appointments to the board from a source I don’t trust


Anyone with a direct line to SWSNBN should have a line run through them.
Except Emma.

Edit: No way she’d have been elected, obv.


I don’t want a fairfax source on the board again either. This appointment is smelly

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Well she is ex - Fairfax now. Could be she has some inside dirt on some of them, l hope.


Fairfax stench aside (which should automatically disqualify anybody setting foot in EFC) can’t see what she brings to the table that Katie’s experience in the same type of field already brings

If they wanted to bring a woman on the board could’ve found somebody with more diverse experience especially with VFLW links

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I hate the way Fairfax reported the whole thing but if you think people is sales had anything to do with your very deep in conspiracy theories and/or delusional


You remember all that talk about how the board would appoint someone that had skills they lacked on the board.

Well they didn’t.

This is a completely bullshit appointment.


That line came from one person who was running a pretty clear agenda.

Ironic that the skills match exactly with the person they were pushing.

Oh and Mellissa is a member of a coiterie, fkn lol!


i am so outraged.

i’m not.


Would like to hear from juddlalichspokenwordtour on the matter to really settle this…

Not so much outraged as,

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it’s almost as bad as giving jon “more mayo” ralph a jumper


I wouldn’t like her chances of getting on the board legitimately via a member vote

Is a poor appointment in all sorts of ways

So someone that worked sales for a news paper that failed during their tenure?

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Might be an okay appointment.

Our digital communication with fans and members could use a boost. Especially if we push into the Esports thing.

Her experience at Facebook may come in handy.

If we’re gonna be appointing vampies, can we just go for the world ending sociopath ceos ofthe world?