New Director


We need the best on our board.


A true Bomber fan would’ve been fired for subversive activities. But good luck to her - probably time we started losing the paranoia and moved on.


Anyone with half a brain would’ve seen the writing on the wall and left that sinking rat infested ship.


No opinion as I don’t know her or her work.
But if we’re looking to up the Clubs digital media presence surely there’s a Russian troll farm looking for work.


Hi all - Melissa Green here…I’m late to the party on this thread! For those still interested, I was born into Essendon (Essendon District hospital or “in the zone” so I could play for the Bombers). Life long fan. Don’t judge me by Fairfax, I’m not a journalist. Here to help grow our Club for the future generations, including womens football. We’re in a digital revolution, so I’m helping the Club ride the wave from the front. Go Bombers!!


Can you digitally create a successful forwardline?

Cheers :wink:


Welcome Melissa, just in time to invest in Panic Dollars, the fund is about to go stratospheric.

Here is $100 free Blitzcoin to get you started.


Your a brave woman venturing in here Melissa. There are many a battle scarred veterans of this forum quivering in corners and rocking backwards and forwards to sounds only they hear. It can be an intensely butal place at times, as people express their views quite forthrightly. Even in amongst the venom, it helps to remember that every person in this forum passionately wants the club to succeed above all else.

Welcome to the club and to the Blitz


Thanks for the ‘heads up’. I’m brave! :facepunch::heart:️:black_circle:️



Are you in the Hooker forward or back camp?


I had to re-read that a few times


Thanks for the secret password into the Black Circle.
We’ll use it wisely.*



Welcome Melissa.

A couple of my feedback comments:

  • I’m loving the availability of all the Essendon VFL replays on YouTube this year.
  • When the senior team is not on free to air, I end up watching from a pub somewhere. I’m not going to subscribe to another service, because they all currently involve paying for a larger bundle of channels/matches that I am not interested in… BUT, if Essendon’s individual games were purchasable as individual streamable pay-per-view events, then I would likely pay and be a happier AFL follower. And I think that should be the natural evolution of viewer accessibility in this age. That’s really feedback to the AFL I guess.


Bring back Hard Tag… or more club produced podcast content… I have long train rides i need to fill.


Welcome Melissa,

nice of you to drop by.

:black_circle: :red_circle:


I’ll second that one.

The access to AFL content and in particular live games is appalling. Give me a season pass to Essendon games and pre/post game content and you can happily take my money.


Also want to vent frustrations at the chokehold of getting live games and having to go through the afl, would pay money for an essendon game only pack/something offered through the club to watch the games, would be excited to be paying essendon over the afl for the privilige.

and definitely bring back Hard Tag.


This can’t happen, as the AFL sell the rights to games and is their main source of income. The clubs will never have access to deliver their games to you. Basically - they aren’t really ‘their’ games to sell or offer.



Much better sending my $$$ to EFC than farking Rupert and his cronies


Hi Mel, Thanks for dropping in. What is it that you can and cannot influence, just so we can focus our comments and suggestions?