New Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast online now

You can now listen to The Lunchtime Catch Up EP17 2018 . We talk through the Essendon playing list one by one and what to expect for 2018. Also a quick review of the JLT game we would all like to forget. Enjoy


Looking forward to see how you throw that positive spin of yours on that game CJ.

Do you lose all credibility doing it, or did you manage to maintain your dignity. :blush:

Will just have to hear for yourself


Enjoyed it. Thanks mate

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Fuarrk its been a while since your last episode.

Just as an aside, took ages for the podcast app to update with the new ep. do you upload to multiple places? which probably answers the question.

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Yeh it automatically uploads to itunes as well in which we have a show setup to subscribe too

‪Here is our Podcast for any m Itunes listeners. Love to get comments and subcriptions to get the show more visible on Apple Itunes. Thanks‬


Nice work guys. Love your positivity.

cheers…wasn’t easy after Saturday:)

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By the way let me know if there is a player you want us to interview. We are thinking of doing some up and coming players that don’t get as much hype…already looks like Ben McNiece may join the show soon…but let me know of others you want us to ask club for

Conor or Mr keilor.


Sam Draper.


Nice call…will ask. Really want to have Ridley on too

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