New monthly Essendon podcast

Myself (Rick Edwards) and Chris Niall aka The Correspondent from Windy Hill Windsock have teamed up to do a monthly podcast this year.
First one is now online

There are already some good podcasts out there (eg Lunchtime Catch-up, The Sash) but hope you like ours.

Unfortunately our timing was off and we recorded it just before big Crauford was added.


Does it have an actual name?

Thanks alot @Begbie ! This clubs supporters are massively spoiled for podcasts. Its great!

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More Essendon podcasts means I don’t need to listen to SEN or 3AW.

Can’t get enough Bombers podcasts.


Name is a work in progress mate. Any suggestions welcome!

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Taking the Hanger
Spongy Floors
Sirens Around
The Runway

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SEN during my workday is completely unlistenable now. More ads than ever and DWAYNE RUSSEL doing the mid day show. And I avoid 3AW like coronavirus.


“credit the source”

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The Common Donominators?


Great stuff Rick :+1:

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“A work in progress mate” is a strange name for an Essendon podcast.


Thanks Maxx!

Any chance you’ll find your way on to Spotify?

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I think in time yes … podcast will just develop slowly.

Great…can’t wait.

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I think you’re a bit out with Hirdy’s height, seemed about the same as Parish from my eye.

Just listen to the podcasts on ran Sen 3aw mmm from their websites. You can pick and choose no ads. But only as a last resort after all the Essendon podcasts of course.

Yeah it’s possible. I was standing next to him though so think I won’t be far wrong.

Maybe, it didn’t help when he was close to me he was standing next to a giant in Crauford lol.

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The Daisy Cutters

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