New Olympic Sports


Breakdancing, Climbing, skateboarding and surfing all being invited to join in an effort to make the games more “urban”.

Old white men being old white men.


Almost worse than AFLX


Seriously. Breakdancing?? and skateboarding?? Is it the still the 90s?


Drug testing should be interesting through the skateboarders


Fortnite dancing should be an Olympic sport


Perhaps they should drug test whichever committee decided on these new sports


Could it BE any more 90s?





There are far dumber Olympic sports than skateboarding.


Sometimes I look back and think “Is it possible the 90’s weren’t actually as cool as I remember?”

A Mr Bean Thread

Still time for you, @hambo


same thing happened with snowboarding a few years back. Half the dudes were stoned and they successfully argued that it wasn’t performance enhancing.

Oh yeah Johnny Rain sure, my knees are shot, I can barely push.


Butvits a Shane.


Fark you. I’m going skating tomorrow! :wink:


Well yeah, you can add breakdancing to that list now.


Breakdancing is a bit silly, but so is rhythmic gymnastics, and synchronised swimming.


Despite John Clarke’s resistance, I’d love to see a cue sport involved. Snooker or 9-ball would be best.


How about chess and brick laying?


I would take parkour over breakdancing. Now that could be interesting.