New Olympic Sports


You sure can. App Store. ‘Double Dragon Trilogy’.


Already done!. 4 bucks - bargain


Mine was free, baby.


More sports where the winner is arbitrarily decided by “”“independent”"" judges added to the Olympics? Colour me shocked.


As much as I love skateboarding, in general I can’t stand sports that are judged and scored.
Downhill long boarding would’ve been a much better choice if they wanted a hipster board sport
(Actual race starts at about a minute)


Now that’s a sport I can respect.


Totally onboard with woodchopping as well as darts


fyi there’s nothing subjective about the climbing judging.


Worse than I’d imagined.




That’s amazing.

I remember it, but it’s even more…ummm… terrible, than I could possibly have imagined.


As I like to think of myself as the resident 90s dance music expert, I was going to reply but I see you already found the song without my help. Not really one I ever liked either tbh.


Bring back the tug of war.




I think they’ve only got vert and park for skateboarding, but mega would be sick


Anything you need judges to hold up scores out of 10.


And yet squash can’t get a look in at the Olympics…


Wasn’t it in there once upon a time?
Or am I only remembering it for that chick who got told off for wearing a G banger under her skirt.


No, I don’t think it has ever been an Olympic sport. It has been in the Commonwealth Games, so I really don’t see why it can’t be included.


Skateboarding is awesome.

I’d watch it if it was on at the games, but it wouldn’t be anything like the real stuff.