New Podcast for EFC fans with yours truly

Hi Blitz, Myself and friend are doing a weekly podcast which has a strong Essendon flavour. This is episode 2. Hope you like


Work filter is blocking it CJ.

Is it on itunes? What’s it called.

Working to put it on iTunes next week but for now just on soundcloud. My profile on soundcloud is slickshoes18 where you can see it as well

You’re friends with ATE?!

(and will give it a listen)

CJ’s voice is a lot higher than I imagined it would be. See, you never can tell.

And when the established podcasters get wind that you’ve been stepping on their toes, expect a visit…


Great work guys… Love having another Essendon supporters podcast to listen to…


They are in completely different markets. One is a weekly podcast, the other is targeting the highly contested random & infrequent market.


Well done, I enjoyed it. Listened to the Essendon section and found the analysis pretty good.

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Thanks for the kind comments. Still a work in progress and getting equipment in to have guests call in online to discuss topics. Rohan Connolly and Xavier Campbell have agreed to come on so hopefully we can have that happen next month. Rick Edwards should be on the next show.

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Great job boys, really enjoyed the show.

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Let me know when you have it on itunes.

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Now on itunes


Thought the podcast was alright. I’d give the basketball chat a miss though.

Podcast 3 up niw on itunes

Check out this cool episode:


CJ that was a ripping podcast…What a great statement at the end their on James. Good work

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Cheers. Much aporeciated

I thought Hird graduated in 1996? Have an interview on tape somewhere from the middle of that year where he refers to it.

Scary thing is that means he did his five year double degree (Engineering/Business) at normal speed.

Bit harsh to pretend he was stripped of the captaincy in 1999, too. Or just bad maths?

Great podcast CJ… Especially the James Hird statement at the end - totally agree.

Fantastic podcast CJ, a treat to listen to.

Really enjoyed hearing from Rick Edwards, but your piece on Hird at the end was one of the best monologues I’ve heard in in sports media for a while.

Looking forward to the next one.

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