Next tagger after Hocking?

There was a list of taggers per team in the media the other day. 

HH was the only name under EFC.

So got to thinking, who is being developed as our next tagger?


NOB maybe?


And what are the inherent characeristics of a good tagger?


Melksham played some important roles last year but more as a run with player rather than a shut down tagger which is more the norm these days.

You need disipline, fitness and great concentration.

Maybe it's the only way KAV! can get a game if this is developed into him.

Kav! and Nob both spent parts of last year playing defensive-mid roles.   Nob showed an ability to get out and win the footy (a few games racked up 25+ touches), Kav tended to rack up large amounts of tackles ( 13 or 14 in a couple of games!) (although treat both raw VFL stats with some caution) and stick closer to the target.  But exactly what the instructions and expectations of each were, we have no way of knowing.


I haven't seen the practice matches so far this year, so i don't know what roles those lads have currently been playing. It seems for Kavanagh that last year was entirely about teaching him defensive aspects but I'm hoping he is let off the chain a bit, or at least learns to get involved more offensively again.  But Bomber knows what he's doing.

You need to have strength to be a quality tagger so the kav suggestion is a bit off the mark unless it's temporarily. O'Brien would go alright, has good fitness, good size and I think better skills than hocking. Hocking is still superb as a shut down player but he's actual skills and decision making have fallen off in the past year or two I think.

I thought they may have been grooming Browne for a similar role


like the Kav idea, want to see this kid play some footy.

O’Brien was being groomed as a potential tagger, with his elite endurance. Not sure he is defensively minded enough to be a run with player. Still think his strength is half forward flank/midfield rotation type player.

Hocking has probably got what, 5 more years left in him?

Unless NOB finds another role other than a tagger, I doubt he’ll be on the list in 4-5 years




Won’t need one.

All of the opponents will be chasing Hams.

Luke Davis

On a serious note, I can see Kommer finishing up that sort of player

On a serious note, I can see Kommer finishing up that sort of player

I think someone (Saladin???) may have said recently that they could see Kommer becoming a tagger in the Crowley mold - the type opposition fans hate but coaches and teammates love.
I hate Crowleys guts. Having said that, if we had our own...

nope, wasn't me.

I think we would looks at the following guys

- NOB - has size & Endurance on his side.

- Zerret - have him following best mids around would speed up his development

- KAV - opportunity for a game - good way to start, takes a bit of pressure of his game as focus on other player.

- Howlett - have tried him in past can see him given a run with role if hocking injured

- Kommer - as endurance builds and classier forwards come in this may be his next role. - Winders/chappy/Merretts fill small forward roles

I think he wlould thrive in it provided his endurance is improved.

nope, wasn't me.

Further proof I'm not perfect.