Nfl 2016/17

Belichick unhappy with a call. Quelle surprise!

14-0 Falcons

It was a ■■■■ call in fairness.

Just invented a flag in order to save the Falcons there.


Couldn’t ask for a better first half by the Falcon’s, both defensively and offensively.

One of the big challenges though is the second half, the Pats seems to finish games brilliantly and they have Brady. Don’t write them off just yet, still a long way to go.


This is glorious, finish them please


Love seeing Brady rattled.


34 from Falcons needs to be benched, 3 holds in a row that keeps the drive alive.


If they get a TD here, then the Pats are well and truly back in the game and Poole will cop some flack.




Oh yeah baby!!!


Pick 6 Atlanta…looked like the Pats were finally going to put points on the board, instead it is 21-0.

What is that, only Brady’s 4th interception of the year, and it is a pick 6 in the Superbowl?


This Falcon’s defense has been awesome (apart from those holds). Brilliant interception.


Enjoying this.


Someone check if Black Kavanagh is still alive.


First pick 6 by Brady in a playoff game they are saying!!

First pick 6 by Brady in a playoff game they are saying!!

That’s a stunning stat for Brady considering how many post-season games he has played.


This game was going to come down to D and the Falcons’ has been amazing.


Joe Montana is like “and?”


Falcons playing some amazing football





Brady will be the clear GOAT if he can get back from this


The way the Pats came out I figured it was game on, but the Falcon defense just stopped them cold and then the offense just blew them apart.