Nfl 2016/17



Must be so deflating for Brady and the Patriots.


Here come the Pats, first TD.

Wow missed extra point!


FG to the Falcons would be the nail after that miss


The Pats are on the move. They have been on the field way more than the Falcons.


Two massive sacks on Brady!


Glimmer of hope. Pats need a pick


MVP will be interesting

MVP will be interesting

Don’t they always default to the QB? Should be someone on the defense, they have been brilliant.


Ryan with sack and fumble, Pats hitting back hard.

Now Brady sacked again.


TD Pats and going for 2


This game is not over by a long shot and Pats have been dominating the field play for most of the game. Now it is a possible one score game. Falcons need to do something with the ball and soon.


Falcons have found their nerves


Surely not?!


Atlanta hits back with a big play immediately with a 39 yard catch and run by Freeman.

And now a huge catch by Julio Jones on the sideline. Atlanta now in field goal range, which should ice the game.


Ryans line isnt holding up


Oohhh Jesus!!


Ryan just keeps taking the sack instead of throwing it away, he cost his side huge amount of yardage. He should have thrown it away because even a field goal is important. Now they might end not having a field goal shot at all.


^^^ and then sacked, pushing the FG try out. And a big penalty.

I tuned in at the right time. Big plays everywhere.


the choke is on