Nfl 2016/17


That was shocking game play by Ryan then, absolutely shocking. Even if they eke out a win, Ryan better not get MVP because he hasn’t been that good.


Stupid play by Atlanta there…no idea why Ryan took that sack, but they were still in FG range, until they were penalised for the hold. Refs missed a pretty clear face mask on Sanu that should’ve cancelled out the holding penalty.

The fact remains that Atlanta should have scored on that drive, think they might be feeling the pressure.


If the Falcons hold on… Jarrett may get the MVP.

If the Falcons hold on.. Jarrett may get the MVP.

has to


fark off, that’s stupid


This Falcon’s defense has been fantastic and yet the offense has sucked and will cost Atlanta the game if this keeps up.


Amazing Edelman.


That is even more flukey than the helmet catch.


Might be game over right there for Atlanta, that’s ridiculous.


What is going on!!?!??


Falcon defense now struggling to stop the Pats, always going to happen as the game wore on and the Pats kept getting the ball. The Falcon offense just could not hold onto the ball for long drives.

TD Pats


If they don’t stop the 2 point, it is game over Atlanta, they won’t win in OT.


Fk no … gotta stop the 2 pt con




Pats will win now.






GOAT arguments may be settled…

If Black Kavanagh comes back now though he isnt welcome


BRADY GOAT, most yards in a SB


Game over folks, Atlanta’s offense cannot score anything. Ryan has been pathetic today.