Nfl 2017/2018


NFC race is more interesting as we have some new teams fighting it out.
AFC is the same old same olds. Pats and Steelers.


Footage of 49ners WR Goodwin scoring an 83 yard touchdown only hours after he and his wife lost their baby son mid pregnancy due to complications is fairly intense and emotional.


Steelers crushed the Titans today. First game all season that the offense has actually clicked.
Mariota also threw 4 picks, but the Titans offense did look dangerous at times.


Yes, really felt for his wife and him. He posted a photo of his son’s tiny hand later that day. I admit I shed a tear.


Mike & Mike had their last show together last night.
ESPN are stupid for splitting them up.
Anyway I know they are going to be involved in other shows but I will miss those two going back and forth at each other on the NFL and the other American sports.
The were like the odd couple.


Man rookie QB for Bills, five intercepts in first half. 37-7 down.


Yet Kap apparently not good enough. Riiiiiight.


At the risk of being a jinx…Go Vikings!

28 years I’ve been a Vikes fan. Never seen them play like this.


Falcons beat the Seahawks 34-31 in Seattle.

Last second 51yd FG attempt was about half a yard short.


Pats demolish the Raiders in New Mexico.

Brady and Cooks way too good.

Can’t believe we got Bennett back from the Packers as they waived him.

Gronk, Bennett and Allen at TE is insane.

I’d love to know where we’d be this season with Edelman and Hightower playing consistently this season.

We just keep on keeping on.


The best thing is the D is keeping teams to under 17. Getting turnovers.

A lot of rubbish teams this year


Case Keenum and Jared Goff proving that Jeff Fisher was inept at managing QBs.


I must admit watching last years Rams Hard Knocks with him in charge, the whole series I was thinking: “If that isn’t a man flying by the seat of his pants then I don’t what is.”


Patriots get by the Dolphins with a bloke at centre for the second time ever. It showed too


It did, but injuries were EVERYWHERE in that game.

Seemed like every second play that someone from either side was getting injured.

Brady threw his 3rd pick of the year but also threw for 4 TD’s and 2 of which were to Gronk and the D just trashed the Dolphins offensive line all game which was nice to see.

7 on the bounce and sitting at 9-2 is pretty good.

Hitting form at the right time of the season which is nice to see.

Eagles keep on keeping on also.


Completely back to the team we know unlike the first 4 weeks


Oakland won which means means they are slightly less ■■■■■■■ than what we are.
Anyway no loved lost as always.


Jimmy G. Yes. No matter what happens in the next 4 weeks we have our QB situation sorted.


Nice win by Miami


The Chiefs have imploded. Feel bad for Alex Smith :frowning: