Nfl 2017/2018


Seahawks and Eagles game is huge.


Eagles are getting a huge reality check.


Good to see Jimmy G go well.


This season has been a horror show but even as a huge fan of the Bronc’s I’m willing to cut them some slack considering they won The Bowl 2 years ago.
Elway (the champ) came out today with the whole I’m embarrassed about how things have gone this year.
To be honest the the blame does fall at his feet but I’m willing to cut him some slack considering he was responsible for assembling a Super Bowl winning team.
Been a horrible year but I reckon he can fix things - A good start would be getting a QB as half as good as he was.

This year I’ve been in pain but nothing really to apologise about if you compare it to the years of torture Browns or even Jets fans have been through.


IMO the Jets have been more impressive this year than the Broncos.
Frankly I didn’t expect them to win anything - they’ve certainly exceeded everybody’s expectations. Who had them winning 5 games!

But you’re right, the Jets have been horrible for years, Buddy Ryan has a lot to answer for.
The Browns, well there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. Just watch them draft Baker Mayfield at QB - there’s a walking time-bomb waiting to go off!


The Jets have been pretty good this year but I’m more talking about them having year after year of poor seasons.
Doesn’t help I guess with Brady in your division.
Pats fans have no idea about having poor seasons.



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You can’t tell me that Kaep isn’t better than every backup QB and a fair few current starters in NFL. Yet he doesn’t have a job just for doing what every NBA player it seems does.


He doesn’t have a job because the ‘owners’ are running scared of the controversy he will bring from their fanbase (and the bloke in the White House). That is the only reason. It is not about coaching or game style (exhibit 1 - Jay Cutler). It is not about his skills. It is not about anything else.

He happily sacrificed his career and donated $1 Million of his own money to literally put his money where his mouth is.

I am proud he wore the red & gold.


No doubt.
So how do the NBA players get away with it? I get that the NBA is more progressive in may respects.


More liberal fan base?

The Donald is always on Twitter crapping on about the NFL’s ratings and crowds are down because the allow the players to disrespect the Anthem, Flag and Vets.


Big game today, Saints v Falcons. who ya got?

I think Saints will carry on surprising people


Saints traveling very well , should be too good.


Falcons pick off Brees in their own end zone to beat the Saints in the final minute. NO a little greedy and a great pick.


Anyone watch the Bills game that happened in the snow blizzard? Amazing scenes.


Wentz now expected to be gone for the season with a suspected ACL sustained late in the 3rd quarter in their victory over the Rams


It was terrific

Looks like Wentz has gone down with an ACL in the Rams game


Horrible to hear :frowning: The last couple of seasons have seen way too many young QBs suffer devastating knee injuries.

On a happier note… JIMMY G!!!