Nfl 2017/2018


Is there any position in any team sport as integral to the team’s performance and results as the QB in NFL? I don’t think so.

Case in point is Jimmy G and my 'Niners. Nothing has changed since he started. His O-line is the same (actually, weaker with Trent Brown out). His receivers are the same unknown lot. The coaches are the same. The defense is the same. Yet, here we sit. With the Niners winners of 3 in a row including Jimmy G shredding the 4th best D in the league to the tune of 380+ yards thus bringing his 3-game total to a lazy 1,008 yards. Extrapolate THAT over 16 games.

He has made everything better. Including our young and impressive defense who now have a stud chewing up the clock and letting them get some rest. It seems the days of back to back to back 3 and outs are in the rearview mirror.

Quick release? Check.

Mobility? Check.


Willingness to take a hit? Check.

Spatial awareness in a collapsing pocket? Check.

In 3 games he is already the best QB we have had since Steve Young (my favorite Niner of all time). And that includes Kap and pro bowler Jeff Garcia.

Yes, it is ONLY 3 weeks and a catastrophic injury is but one play away. But, for this suffering fan this is the most promising of times! Give him the money. Sign him up to a long term deal. Use the remaining salary cap to get him a couple of decent linemen and receivers. Let him spend an entire pre-season locked in a room with Kyle Shanahan and LET’S GO!

Thank you Belichik for trading Jimmy G to us for a 2nd rounder (all while everyone including me was looking forward to Kirk Cousins).

Thank you Tom Brady for wherever you are hiding that portrait of yours so we could get Jimmy G.



I’m glad to see Jimmy going well it’s great to see as he looks like a good kid.

The non catch call was so correct to the stupid rule. Of course he caught it but cause it bobbled after hitting the ground it wasn’t a completed pass. It’s laughable reading American fans saying he was down or if he was running in…yes those two examples have no bearing on this call


3 straight days of NFL…you ripper…plus NBA


Jimmy G! Slices through the number 1 defense in the league, who hadn’t given up an opening possession TD in 21 games and… SCORES A TD!

We won the f’ing lottery.


Don’t get too far ahead of yourself.
Jed will find a way to screw this up.


Saints clinch, Lions eliminated.


Jimmy picked off in the end-zone.


Seahawks defense mauling the Cowboys.


Jimmy G sees the number 1 D in the league and says “not in our house”. *

*so far


Bortels with 3 picks, really stinks.


$100m in Salary Cap room next year! Go Niners



Jimmy is a gun…wiped all of Romo’s records at College level.


Well, just as Detroit got my hopes up that they might make the play offs (making up the numbers for sure but I’ll take it) they go into full Essington mode against one of the worst defences in the league and lose. They have quite the gift for disappointing performances.


James Harrison signs with the Pats.


A few of my fellow Niners fans have been squeamish about us winning 4 in a row given draft implications. This article is a good one:


Lol Ravens


Pats beat up the Jets to finish the season on a cold and windy outing in Foxborough.

Poor game from both QB’s really but the wind contributed to a lot of missed throws and incomplete passes.

Dion Lewis would probably be our second best player on offence behind Brady this year I’d have thought, he has been phenomenal.

13-3 is good with a first round bye and home field advantage throughout the playoffs secured, that’s a win.

It’s going to be a heck of a playoffs and I just hope that we can once again come out on top.


Well lets hope not. The Pats have had more than their fair share of success.


Buffalo break their playoff drought of 17 years, the longest (active ?) in NFL.