Nfl 2017/2018


Longest for any team in any of the 4 major US sports. The Seattle Mariners now take over the mantle


Guys, Jimmy G is undefeated as a starter.



its actually amazing that this team went 13-3. We were so poor on D all season. Tom Brady may be the MVP and he hasnt played all that well…One of his best stat years but if you have seen games his throwing has been off…possibly due to Achilles injury.

Anyway, games on Sunday arvo in 2 weeks…lets do this


I must admit, our D really scares me going into the playoffs. We struggle to get pressure on the QB on a good day and 9 times out of 10 beat teams due to having Brady who rarely gets outgunned. We are a shoot out team (which I don’t find is sustainable in the playoffs) this year whereas last year I felt we were far more balanced on both sides of the ball.

James Harrison looked like a beast on the snaps he got. If we play the Steelers in the playoffs at some stage then you can lock him in for a big game IMO.

What’s going on with Hightower?


Hightower is out for the season with a torn pec, isn’t he?

Black Monday has commenced with the following Coaches having already got the boot:

John Fox (Bears)
Jim Caldwell (Lions)
Chuck Pagano (Colts)
Jack Del Rio (Raiders)

And join Ben McAdoo (Giants) on the scrap pile.


Caldwell was gone the moment we lost to the Bengals. Hopefully the next guy has better success at getting the team to turn up and perform for crucial games.


Bruce Arians retires, so the Cards will be looking for a coach too.
Jon Gruden expected to sign with the Raiders.


Can we send his brother to the Raiders aswell


Nothing like a pre-playoffs controversy. On behalf of all Niners fans, THANK YOU Patriots!




This KC v Titans game has been entertaining, wasn’t expecting much, particularly as a warm up to the afternoon match.

Amazing how one player makes such a difference in this game, haven’t looked the same since Kelce went off.

Great day on the couch.


Only the Chiefs could cough that up


Baltimore would have done it far more spectacularly.


heck of a game @ NOLA


Saints win 31-26 after an intentional grounding against Newton then a final sack on 4th down.


Suck it Newton.


That was such a ■■■■ call. There’s no way that’s intentional grounding.
Outside of the pocket, and beyond the line of scrimmage.
(I’m no fan of Carolina either)


That pass in OT to win the College football playoff… JEEEBUS



Patriots massive favourites and bar Edelman are pretty much full strength…great timing