Nfl 2017/2018


Rooting for the Vikings from here on out, would love to see them win their 1st Superbowl, particularly given it would be at home.


I just hope the Vikings, Jags or Eagles win it.

There’s one Pats fan here who makes me desire that quite intensely.





Brady in doubt with a hand injury. Likely he will play but boy, isn’t it amazing to think of this:

  1. Pats trade Jimmy G to 49ers
  2. 49ers release Brian Hoyer
  3. Pats sign Hoyer to be Brady’s backup
  4. Hoyer starts AFC Championship instead of Jimmy G


No chance Brady misses


Pats playing mind games


Yep, too big a game. He should play.


Early days but GO JAGS!



Gee amendola (sp?) Needs a pay rise



I’ve got nothing against Brady but I dislike all Boston sporting sides. The Pats will win it again and deserve to


Up to the Vikes to save the day now. Have got the day off work for SB but if it’s the Pats v Eagles I’ll scrap that and go to work instead


Come on Vikings




Fkn patriots

They’re behind in a playoff? It’s no longer “if”, only “when”


aaaaaaand I’m back out


They got sooooo close …


Vikings get the proverbial bath.


Tom Brady is going to his 8th superbowl…

Imagine going to 8 AFL grand finals that’s how ■■■■■■ good this guy is.


He’s so dreamy. I’ll be taking the day off and going to a pub to watch him get his 6th (hopefully)


It’s Eagles time! f*** Brady.