Nfl 2017/2018


If Trent Dilfer can be a Superbowl winning QB, I see no reason why Nick Foles cannot be a SB winning QB.


Am I seeing things right?
How can this be the first time Nick Foles plays against the Patriots?
Thought he’d at least have played them once since his rookie season.

Tm Brady hasn’t beaten the Eagles since 2011.

Tough to tip against him and the Patriots.


We can only hope.


Well he was quoted as saying that he hopes Denver is interested and we are.
That being said you are right in saying the other mobs will be offering more dosh however our offer won’t be too shabby.


I agree that you guys would be the best fit for him but from everything you hear and read on him he is painted as a money grabbing grub. He has just left our rabble of of a team so why would you head for someone worse like the Jets


Interesting rumblings out of Minnesota that the Vikings could be looking to toll Teddy Bridgewater’s contract.

Would essentially allow the Vikings to keep him under contract for a further year at his current rate.


Now everywhere I seem to look, it says that the 6.30pm kickoff time in Minneapolis, translates to 10,30 am aedt, … but that is patently wrong right??

It’s 11.30am here (Melb Syd etc) by my calculations…??


It’s been stated as 6:30pm ET, Minnesota is on a different timezone, 1 hour earlier I believe.

The game is about 11hrs away now. So 10:30am tomorrow here is right.



Can’t be.

6.50am there now, … 11.50pm here.

Unless we go through a wormhole in the next 12 hrs, … it has to be 11.30 am here, … at 6,30 pm there.


Lol again you’re getting the time zones confused, most websites (even the official NFL app) are quoting the start time in ET.

Minnesota is not on ET, that’s the time for NYC.

They are CT, so local time kick off will be 5:30pm. No wormhole required.




Ahhh,… it’s the 6.30 there that they are screwing up,… got it, cheers.


Game Day

If you need a warm up, there is a fantastic series on Facebook called ‘Tom vs Time’

What a guy

Not long until the GOAT, does GOAT things - I think there will be double coverage on Gronk, expecting a huge game from Amendola



Good to see Terrell Owens and Ray Lewis make it into the Hall of Fame.
Regardless of their off field issues, they deserve to be in the Hall of Fame.


Time for the Eagles to end the dynasty!


Fark the Pats.

Fark the Eagles, too.

This is the NFL equivalent of a Hawthorn/Sydney grand final. Can we just declare a no-result and be done with it?


Well, Jimmy G will get his 3rd Super Bowl ring should the Pats win. Go Niners!


More like a Hawks v Fark Carlton GF for me. No interest at all in it for me today


How Eric Rowe is playing in a Super Bowl is beyond me.

Shouldn’t be on a roster.

Easy to see why the Eagles are targeting him, garbage from our defence so far but I expected nothing less coming into the game.


The Pats dont start trying until they are a couple of TDs down