Nfl 2017/2018


Yeah, I can see them pushing a bit further this season if Carr plays like last season and doesn’t get injured. Murray was great thou…depends how Lynch goes


They need to fix their linebacker position especially inside linebacker and inside interior in the dline


Last month with no NFL


After yesterday can’t wait.


You and me both


Just a little happening in the space of 45min this morning:

  1. Ezekiel Elliot suspended 6-games for violating NFL’s personal conduct policy
  2. Sammy Watkins traded by Buffalo to the LA Rams
  3. Jordan Matthews traded by Philly to Buffalo


Your post just reminded me to jump on the NFL site, haven’t been on in awhile.

Just watched the first episode of hard knocks and it is already way more interesting than almost all of last season. Not that that would be hard.

Winston and McCoy seem like really good, funny guys.

Will have to find a way to watch it all again.


Rags to Riches for Winston


So strange for the Bills to trade Watkins.

First they don’t pick up his option and now they trade him for a packet of chips.

I know he has had injury problems but he is a beast when he is healthy.

Must be trying to go for full tank mode in Buffalo.


As per usual The Pats have a ■■■■■■ hard div to go up against this season.


2 teams tanking and one with Pick 6 Cutler


In our defence.

We could be in any div in the league this year and still walk it.

We were good last year but we are STACKED this year.


Not The Pats fault the rest of the teams in their Comp are useless.
Just annoys me the other 3 can’t get their ■■■■ together to give u guys some competition.


Yeah, some of the things they are doing are mind boggling ie Buffalo and the Watkins trade.

Once Brady goes, the division will start to even out a little IMO as Jimmy G (if he is still here) will take a while to become a good QB.


Edelman appears to have done an ACL today.


Don’t you farking swear at me like that.


He did, season over…unbelievable


Lucky our offence is stacked but there goes Brady’s most trusted target for the season.

Farking hell.


I like Austin Carr…reliable catch and is basically a close of Jules size wise. Hasn’t shown much after the catch…that’s what Julian does best


The Patriots trade quarterback Jacoby Brissett to the Colts for wide receiver Phillip Dorsett.