Nfl 2017/2018


Those My Kitchen Rules ads are going to make a fun day off watching the game an ordeal.


I’m hating the ads badly.
I’ve switched over to the NFL Gamepass app.

No ads at all.


How good was that hail mary? Lets be honest though, the patriots always usually find a way to win


How the fark is that not at the very least a flag on the Eagles for that farking hit on Cooks!?


…go Bengals.


Brady - NOT a receiver,


And then a blatant flag on Gronk on 4th down and no call.

Can see how this game is going to go.


New England playing arrogantly the last few plays.
Thought they should have kicked that and try and pin the Eagles in the ten.


The Pats know it isnt worth winning unless they come from behind. Can’t hit the lead in the first half. No one will talk about that


Go Eagles!


It’s early and I know how great Tom Brady is, but the Eagles are looking very good.
Nick Foles has minimised errors yet is making some big plays.


Alfonse gangitano should be played by Robbie Barone


A very familiar script so far…


I’m just glad they put some game on in-between them.




woo hoo great play for a touch down


Same play as the Patriots tried earlier in the first quarter.


Tricky barstards eh?


Half Time.



I dont want to believe yet