Nfl 2017/2018


Would I be correct in that saying the NFL East is the only division where everyone has won a SB now?


What a game

Well done Philly


Only in America you have a old white guy club owner get brought up on the podium and handed the trophy while fireworks and streamers go off. While the Coach and MVP QB are 2nd and third in line.

I’m picturing Eddie in 2010, alone on the podium, thanking his lord and saviour jesus christ, whilst hoisting the cup above his head as the ticker-tape shoots into the air. How’d you reckon that’d go down in Aus?

Anyway, great game from the Eagles.


You need the first 3 thanking their lord and saviour, like Ertz and Foles did, following coach Whatsisname. I think Shaun Hart is the only one I’ve heard doing it…or hearing about it anyway. I was halfway to Jolimont by that time.

I’d like to see someone thanking Satan for the win.

Not surprised to see BK whingeing about the refereeing. If ever I’ve seen a team get favourable call after favourable call, it’s New England.


Just like so many awards in the AFL are nidfiefers awards, they similarly appear to be QB awards in the NFL as well. I mean giw could Foles win the MVP (even though he played very well) when he wasn’t even the best QB on the field.


Not sure how you could say this on reflection,… with Philadelphia having made 2 SB’s prior to this for exactly zero wins.

And an absolute underdog against maybe the Hawthorn equivalent.

Eagles more like The Saints playing them though …


Cos I don’t like either team, just like I don’t like Hawthorn or Sydney.

I’m less annoyed that Philly won though.


Champions of the WORLD.


Italian hoagies and Philly cheesesteaks should be free in Broad Street tonight.


#philadelphia is worth following on twitter. Getting ugly.


Great stuff.
Should be the end of the Dynasty.
Jags should of been there anyway.


Watching the game now after following it online today. Reckon Foles was amazing. The passes he consistently threw were nuts. Think he bested the goat. Although there is a tendency to the Brady for granted.


yep - certainly is. I hope the 3rd Annual Bomberblitz BBQ doesn’t degenerate into the same chaos and debauchery


Disappointed after today. Thought our D was again rubbish and it was the difference. Couldnt stop then at all. 41 points is way to many to give up.

Going to be some moves this offseason I can see it now


Neither defense was terribly good.
We knew the Pats D wasn’t top notch, but I was surprised how leaky the Eagles D was; of course that was partly due to how well Brady played.


First one will be Butler moving I assume considering Bill left him on the ■■■■■■ sideline all game.

He was crying before the game for christ sake. Poor ■■■■■■■ played his heart out all year again and gets rewarded like that.


Listened to Gerald Whatley call the first half - Was surprised how well he understood and called the game - His American special comments man at one stage asked Whateley. ‘Are you sure this is your first game calling American Footy.’


He is a pompous wordsmithing wanker but definitely knows his sport.

I caught the last quarter of the game and whilst I hate listening to him in general he did the job.


“Winkle” Whateley.


if he just stuck to commentating wouldn’t mind him.