Nfl 2017/2018


The Pack struggling against the Falcons. A few players look injured.


Chargers also fabricated a nice loss after dominating Miami.


Kicker cant Kick…Pats win thou


Good way to bounce back but our injuries are just piling up by the week.

Gronk tweaked his groin and Dorsett and Hogan picked up knocks as well.

Brady just couldn’t be stopped though and the Saints just had no answers for him all game.

Mike Gillislee has been awesome too stepping into the Blount 3DRB role. Seems to just pick up at least 5 yards whenever he touches it. Another awesome piece of business from the back office there.


Niners D has gone from being a joke (and worst) in the league in 2016 to being ranked number 4 in the first two weeks. Now only if our offense can give them a break every now and then…


Which was excellent imo.


You would have thought that Buffalo would have realized if the Pats want him he is probably good to keep


THU night football tonight. Maybe my Niners pick up their first win AND score their first TD of the season. Too much to ask?


Yes. I’m expecting a 6-3 game with no one in the stands.


Picked off on first pass of the game, touchdown with one play by LA.

I was very confused following the stats online. Hoping to watch some later, but this isn’t filling me with confidence.


49ers defense is stinky today.
24-13 HT score.


This is the most fun Niners game I have seen in 3 seasons.


Yeah ended up being a good one to watch.


Missed XP from Gould crucial.


Haven’t seen it yet, the offensive pass interference on pretty much the last play, was it there or not?


I don’t think it was there but I am a Niners fan. It turned out to be critical as was that xp miss. Oh well…


I’m a Pats fan and that wasn’t anywhere near pass interference.

You were reamed on that call.


I’ve followed the Chargers since 1983, when I lived there for 6 months for the first time. ■■■■■■ that they’ve moved the team, and still the same ■■■■ chargers that can’t finish a game. But wouldn’t be surprised to see them win against the Chiefs. Last years game was a ripper, which we lost by whisker. Chargers don’t win many games but are always there abouts in them.


Tomorrow will be interesting given the absolute disgraceful commentary from the President over the last 24 hours.


Oakland A’s catcher Bruce Maxwell has became the first MLB player to take a knee during the National Anthem in response to Trump comments.