Nfl 2017/2018


Trev had a shocker.
The Buffalo D was too good.

Jets and Bears win.


Brady is the GOAT…

Watson is made of butter, can not be tackled


Great win GB, Rogers was sensational considering he had no flank support and kept getting rushed or sacked.


You still got it aaron :slight_smile:


GB were lucky…Rodgers was poor throughout…Playing CINCI ffs


That is just an insane punt


Over 300yds, 3TDs and a game winning drive?

Come on maaaaaaan


Lets not worry about all the bad things he did…


that’s not to say he wasn’t 10x better than 30 other QBs but its not Rodgers best game haha


At least The Raiders got beat.
Silver lining.


That throw to get the game winning touchdown was utterly ridiculous. He had no right to get that throw off at all let alone get it to Cooks for that insane TD.

How good is this man? I really have no idea how he is not the consensus GOAT.

This bloke is 40 years old… 40… And he is getting better for crying out loud. He threw 5 TD’s today after throwing 4 last week.


And by the Skins, too. Even better.

Go you good thing!


Up the Skins!
I really thought we would struggle to win more than a couple games this season so very surprised at our start


He missed a few targets yesterday so I think he can still be better, need the oline to play more like that last drive


For sure.

Also need our Dline to seriously extract the digit and get the likes of Hightower back from injury.


I like Wise Jr and Flowers…but missing Watson nearly every time was frustrating


Brady is the GOAT I think that debate is dead now after the last superbowl.


Wise looks like he could be a tank.

Really rangey and built like a brick outhouse.

He is the only form of pass rush we have at present though which is a big burden to carry for a rook.


I wonder if more will convert when he passes Payton for most TD’s of all time?


As a diehard Niners fan even I admit that debate is ove.r Brady GOAT with Montana in very close 2nd.