Nfl 2017/2018


Yeah the Pats lost!


WORST D in the league, teams turn up and march down the field. Gilmore is the worst high paid CB ever. Give me back Logan Ryan…Gee I would take Kyle Arrington and Fonzie Dennard right now



Our defence is by far the worst in the league.

Gilmore is farking useless.


He is so sh*t mate…I cant deal with his stupid head on my screen…get Revis back hahahahaha


Revis and Browner seem like a lifetime ago but they were so good together.

Our game plan is basically to just get into a shootout with another team and hope that Brady can win us the game.


Didn’t think we played that great today but it’s always nice taking out the trash.


Dallas, NYG and the Pats lose.

Good round of football so far…


Happy the Steelers put the Ravens to bed comfortably for a change. Still aways off our best form, but the D has been surprisingly good.


Another 3point loss for my Niners (3rd in a row). 0-4 start. About where I thought we would be (to be honest I had us beating the Rams).

Would love another top-5 draft pick AND Kirk Cousins :slight_smile:


Pats did enough to win, only basically because Nick Folk is useless.

Bit of a break now to put in some work, our D was better but only just


Yes can only imagine that Bucs dressing room.
“Come over here and I’ll show you how to kick”.


Winston was very ordinary in the first half too.


Was ordinary all game IMO.

Needs to seriously kick on this year and show something, just like Mariota does as well, otherwise I fear they won’t end up maximising their potentials.


Mariota ripped his hammy last week I think.


That’s a damn shame.

His game is so heavily reliant on that scramble out of the pocket too, hopefully it doesn’t turn into a reoccurring thing for him.


Yep I like him.
Talent to burn.


Suck a fat one Cowboys! lol


Was at Ford Field today. Awesome atmosphere but a shame that the Lions couldn’t get the job done despite the Panthers conceding a ridiculous number of stupid penalties. Newton put on a clinic which was awesome to see live.


Niners are 0-5 including losing the last 4 by a COMBINED 11 points. Ouch. Oh well. Keeps us focused on improving AND getting a good draft pick :slight_smile:


At least they aren’t being blown out like the last couple seasons.

Obviously it isn’t preferable that they are losing but that is a good sign of improvement IMO.