Nfl 2017/2018


OBJ and JJ Watt both broken legs


Oakland lost at home.


Derek Carr (who I really like) has a fracture in the back. Expected to miss multiple weeks. Stick a fork in the Raiders.


Navorro Bowman released by the Niners to predictable WTF shouts from me. Business is business I guess but this came from left-field (almost). Thank you, Bow. Hope you get picked up by a contender and get your ring.


Woke early & watched the replay of Packers V Cowboys. Cracking game.

Rodgers, … that is all.


First ballot hall of fame. Love that dude.


Jinxed Rodgers with that last post. Broke his collar bone and likely out for the season :frowning:

My Niners become the first team in NFL history to lose FIVE consecutive games by 3 points or less.


That was bizarre, tackled him late, pilled him into he ground and yet no penalty?


Thanks for that. Ruins my fantasy team.

Will take the Redskins win as a consolation :wink:


Pats just get over the top of the Jets and Brady adds another accomplishment to the trophy room in having gotten the most wins by a QB in history.


Yeah but he still isn’t as good as…


Jets fans furious with the touchback negated Touchdown. Probably right thou


Kaepernick has lodged a grievance complaint against all the NFL owners for collusion in not picking him. Don’t think Colin knows that he is actually shyte and that’s why no one wants him.


I would probs have him ahead of some of the other back ups to be honest


In a horrible team, Kaepernick LAST SEASON:

16 TDs passing
2 TDs rushing
4 INTs

Better passer rating than Philip Rivers, Carson Palmer, and Eli Manning.

You can’t tell me he isn’t better than Cutler, for example.


Stats don’t always tell the story though. That team was built around his game with the game plan also built around him. Coming into a new team as backup means he has to fit in with the game plan at the new team and the main QB. He isn’t flexible enough for that according to most pundits.


Pathetic performance today from both sides of the line.
To lose like that at home to a depleted Giants team is ■■■■ poor.
Our worse loss in years and unless we hit back against a rejuvenated Chargers team next week our season will be shot.

Talk about a day of upsets.


Plenty of ■■■■■ Quarterbacks have jobs in the NFL though. I mean until this week Hoyer was the 49ners starter.


Insane finish last night as the Raiders come from behind to beat The Chiefs. I will let CNN explain it below:


With Oakland trailing the Chiefs 30-24, Raiders tight end Jared Cook set off the final string of events with what was initially ruled a go-ahead (pending the PAT) touchdown catch with 18 seconds left. But upon review, Cook was ruled down just shy of the end zone, triggering a 10-second run-off that left just eight ticks on the clock. Michael Crabtree then appeared to catch a game-winner on the next play, but was called for offensive pass interference. The game was extended by Chiefs penalties on the next two plays. Crabtree, given a chance at redemption, finally ended the game, getting both knees down on a sliding catch in the front-left corner of the end zone before heaving the ball straight up in celebration. Giorgio Tavecchio’s PAT won it for Oakland, 31-30. “This is one for the books,” Jim Nantz said on the call.


Marshawn Lynch suspended for 1 game for handling an official.
He was ejected for the game as well.