Nfl 2017/2018


Putrid - shut out for the 1st time since 92 today.
Going to be a long season.


Broncos I assume by that reference?

In other news Miami won, woot woot (it was just the Jets but still…).


Yep - the team without anything whatsoever to offer offensively at the moment.
We’ve been a decent team over recent years but we certainly aren’t now.


Patriots dominate the Falcons in the Super Bowl rematch at Gillette Stadium.

Brady at his best and the defence extracted the digit for the first time this season.

Hopefully a sign of things to come.


How good was their goal line D there…getting the stop…unbelievable. So close to a shut out with Butler almost getting the pick

Locking in around the same time as last season. Will be better over the next 10 weeks


Almost do or die today, a loss will make it hard for us to catch the Eagles


Wentz. Real deal. Wow.


And a man of great faith.

You only hear that sort of thing in Australia about non-Christians.

We do know that the likes of Rance, Ablett, Z Smith and A Swallow give the bible a fair old hiding but thankfully you don’t hear that often.


I honestly can’t take the eagles seriously yet. They have beaten absolute scrubber teams and ONLY beat the giants (who are 1-5) by a freak kick.

They are like the North of 2016.


They had Steve Young on the radio this arvo as I was driving home. Could not praise Wentz high enough. Apparently the guy studies the game like crazy.


Pair of serious god-botherers.


Magic Underpants


Niners off to their worst start ever, 0-8. I think we are 3-28 in our last 31 games (how is that even possible?!?!?)


Rance isn’t a Christian.


Keeping a lid on my NFL team until they are a shoe.


This Houston Seattle game is a ripper


Thanks Old Mother Hubbard!!!


Aren’t Jehovahs Christians?

I’ve heard Proddies say that Catholics aren’t Christian either.

Splitting hairs to the nth degree.


JW’s are a cult, they do not believe the same as mainstream protestant Christians. It isn’t splitting hairs, it is basically a different religion.


According to Wikipedia, they believe in Christ and the bible, but not in the trinity. I know they’re considered outsiders by most.