Nfl 2017/2018


Never go full Wiki.

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Yeah…whatever you think!







Do you reckon this means they have ruled out having a FA crack at Kirk Cousins.

Surely you don’t use a 2nd round draft pick to to get a QB for half a season when you are 0-8 and no chance of making the playoffs.


I think so given the price (in terms of the 2nd rd pick). You don’t spend that for an 8-game rental. The expectation would be that they give him 7-8 starts and then use our substantial salary cap room to sign him long term.

Now, the BIG issue is that our O-line is so banged up that this season may not really reflect on Jimmy G’s abilities.

Will be fascinating. But yes, I think that is the end of the Kirk Cousins flirtation.


Pretty confident after today we will be looking for a new QB.


Brian Hoyer is available :slight_smile:


I should of pencilled in half decent QB.


Broncos are starting Osweiler this week. Must be a tough season to want him as your starting QB.


Tough season it has turned into but we actually started it off well.
Think even at the age he is at Elway would be my preferred option as starting QB compared to all other options open to us right now.


Hoyer returns to the Patriots on a 3 year deal to be Brady’s back up.

Reports suggest Packers were interested in picking him up as well.

Yet Kaepernick still can’t get a look in at a backup role anywhere.


Unlike you lot in here, I don’t rate Kaepernick at all, think he is worse than almost all backup QB’s.


Not sure about that, he did take the 49ners to a Super Bowl & NFC Championship game.

When he really stunk it up at the 49ners the last 2 seasons, there was a distinct lack of talent everywhere. OL wasn’t protecting him, receivers weren’t great, running backs weren’t great, he sure stunk it up, but then so did the whole team.


There have been plenty of QB’s, some of the greats, who had teams that were terrible. They were able to rebuild those teams and bring them success. He just sucks and was shown up as crap.


Deshaun Watson has torn his ACL and will miss the rest of the season. Body blow after body blow for the Texans :frowning: Just when the fans were feeling good about the Astros winning the World Series.


Poor kid, was playing great!


Wow - that’s not just a blow for The Texans but for the whole NFL.
Who hasn’t got a kick out of watching that kid this season?


And, Andrew Luck has been put on the IR so will not play this season.


Football gods are arses sometimes. How long have the Texans been searching for a decent QB, only to finally find one, and then have him do his knee after only 8 games.

RG3 vied for Rookie of the Year when he started then blew out his knee and that was essentially career over for him