Nfl 2018/19

Ok, we are going into a new season!

Browns got better but Im really not sold on Mayfield, Taylor will win them games throwing to Coleman, Gordon and Landry. Hyde and Duke Johnson out of the back field.
D is not a major concern for them with Garrett and Collins…now Ward and Peppers.

Browns might have a solid season

At first I read this as “NFI 2018/19” and thought it was just another coaching thread.

Carry on…



I think he will be fine, the issue though is whether you have a team structure that will suit his style?

They have…Im a Patriots Fan haha.

Niners draft had me scratching my head a little. They must really think Reuben Foster will not be suspended (let alone, jailed) for his domestic violence issues. Hmm.

Its only May and our club is done…bring on the NFL Season



100 Days to go.

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Lo and behold, Shanahan and Lynch knew what they were doing. Apparently Foster’s ex made the whole thing up. She had actually been injured in a fight with another female. This led to Foster breaking up with her and then she told him she was going to “f&%k up his career”. Insane.

Foster cleared of all domestic violence charges.


Dwight Clark, 49er great, known for “The Catch” has died at 61.
He died of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease).

Is that the same as, or nearly the same as, MND?

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Just checked - they are the same.

There you go. Had no idea it was the same. Hang tough, Neal!

Here is my Dwight Clark story. I was lucky enough to get tickets to a Niners v Arizona game that included a walk on the sidelines pre-game and then a seat in one of the owner’s suites. Halfway through the 1st Q this tall, gregarious man walks in. The mood in the room lifted as he went around introducing himself and shaking hands. It was Dwight Clark. He treated each person as an individual, asked their name, and signed copies of the famous SI Cover of “the catch”. I have it my copy at my desk at work. I was little tongue tied but managed to ask him about the Niners QB situation (this was in the middle of the “Mike Nolan is coach and Alex Smith is no good” debacle). He thought about it and then whispered “the coach is destroying the QB”, gave a wink, slapped my shoulder and moved on.

RIP Champ.


Julian Edelman out 4 games due to PED. More time to rest then.

Dez Bryant…come on down?

Winston to get suspended for 3 games due to “incident” with Uber driver.

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Ex Dophins coach and current Vike’s O-line coach, Tony Sparano has died suddenly.

Hall of Fame game is on Friday. Then next weekend Pre Season games begin. Takes about 15 mins of preseason to realise pre season games suck! bring on September

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Richard Sherman. In a Niners uniform. Already intercepting Jimmy G in practice.

Hell freezing over.

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Jimmy by all reports was always pretty crap in practice.

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This is a very insightful article by Earl Thomas (Seahawks safety currently on a contract disagreement holdout). Supporters (specially in the US) often rely on “shut up, you get paid millions!” argument. This is eye opening to the players’ point of view:

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