Nfl 2018/19


Skins leading the East!
Always great to knock off the Cowgirls


Wow The Patriots O is keeping them in it this year. Our D got some turnovers but other than that Bears did what they wanted. Hightowers/Pattersons special teams plays the real difference.

Sony Michel limped off with suspected Knee injury, hopefully not bad…White wont be able to carry this alone forever.

Onto the Bills next week


Eat a bag of dicks, Cowboys.



Our O-line was immense and won us the game.

A win on the road against an in form team whilst putting up another 38 is a bonus when it is against Khalil Mack.

Take the W and on to next week.

Hopefully Michel isn’t out for long because he is looking like a stud so far but having said that, our O-line could make me look like a gun RB in the game right now.


Brown seems an upgrade


Raiders trade Amari Cooper to the Cowboys for their first round pick.


They have lost their best defender (Mack) and best offensive weapon (Cooper) and now rumors suggest they may think of trading their QB (Carr) to the Jags. They already have 3 first round picks and one would assume Carr would be worth another.

Jon Gruden, one year into a 10yr, $100 million deal is playing quite the game!


Marshawn Lynch is now on IR so it’s in full tank mode.


10 year plan


While this kind of makes sense, there doesn’t seem to be much smoke about this right at the moment.


Looks like Tampa have finally figured out that Winston is a bust.


This is turning into a classic in LA


yeah good to watch


Skins have already won more than I thought we would for the season.


Off work today - Watched my Bronc’s this morning.
Some stupid mistakes otherwise they were in it with The Chiefs.
Pity it’s season over.

The Rams v The Pack was a corker.




I can’t get a read on us this year. Have only see us play once.

Is it our defence that’s the worry?


So many key injured players throughout the season, struggling to settle the team down.


That is the most Packers loss that there ever was.

Same as the farking Seattle game. If Montgomery isn’t cut tomorrow, Beav needs to be fired.


Montgomery was told to “take the knee” and under no circumstances run it out. Apparently he was miffed at being sat down for the prior series. So, he thought “I’ll show them” and well, you know the rest…