Nfl 2018/19


Nah, they are in full tank mode. I’d be surprised if they are competitive in any of the remaining games.


Mullen’s debut QB numbers are historically high.

“passer rating of 151.9 was the best by a quarterback making his debut with at least 20 attempts since 1970”

Need to factor in that he was play witches hats.


Going into last season they were the big threat to the Pats. Until Carr was injured in the season before they were unbelievable…what happened?
They have a 10 year plan, it starts now.


Some ripper late afternoon games today.
Saints hand the Rams their first loss
Denver miss a game winning FG
Seattle drop a TD pass on the last play of the game ( a 2 point conversion would have tied it).
Pats lead the Pack early.

Steelers and Carolina both starting to look dangerous - they meet on TNF this week.


Pats beat the Pack 17-34
Rodgers was very good, but couldn’t do it all himself.


Pats are starting to get rolling at the right time.

Josh Gordon looks better every game.


Missing a FG to win the game really sums up our season.
Competitive in several games recently but Jorseph has no idea how to manage a game.
Time for Elway to make a move I reckon.
We actually do have some good young players so the future might not be that bad.

Don’t want Pats or Chiefs winning it so hopefully whoever comes out of the NFC can take care of business like last year.
Would love to see Brees win another Super Bowl.


Saints, KC and Rams look a cut above the rest.
Pats and Steelers on the move though.


On offence yes. They are legit almost the worst in the league on D this year.

They won’t be going deep into the playoffs without a passable defence.




Patriots beat KC.


On the last play of the game.


Doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile. Winning is winning.


Dallas in trouble. Jason Garrett has had a charmed existence but might be heading for an exit…


Winning on the last play of the game is hardly an indicator of future success…which is where I thought the response was heading. If it was 42-0 or 28-7 or something, it might indicate superiority, but otherwise could be just a lucky catch.


Except the Pats & Brady have been doing this for 20 years and over the course of that time they have proven that those types of wins aren’t exactly “flukes”.


I’d suggest that their win against Pittsburgh in the playoffs last year, and against Atlanta and Seattle in SuperBowls were, if not lucky, blessed.

The non-TD to Pittsburgh.
The inexplicable decision not to take the FG and the subsequent flukey catch by, I think, Edelman against the Falcons
And that ridiculous decision resulting in the INT by Butler against the Seahawks


I reckon there’s plenty of #freekickpats - they get a favourable rub of the green.
Fair play to them. They’ve been very good for 20 years; before that they were a very rubbish organisation, they are now up there with the top franchises in NFL, with the Steelers, and Green Bay


I’m no Pats fan but the same argument could be used about the flukiest catch ever when they lost to The Giants.

The thing that annoys me the most about The Pats is that their divisional rivals are nearly always no competition.
That’s not their fault however for consistently having a brilliantly run organisation with a great coach/QB whilst the rivals continually flounder.
Got to hand it to them.

Did enjoy beating them a couple of years back now in The Championship game.


Will never understand why Lynch was never handed the ball and they went airborne allowing The Butler play.