Nfl 2018/19


Seahawks leading the Packers 27-24 with about 3 minutes to go.


4 n 2 and you don’t go for it with only 3 left on the clock? Stupid call by the coach.


Packers going to struggle to make it to the playoffs now.
McCarthy could (should) be in strife.


He has to be in strife, he has been making some shocking calls and non-calls so far.


If McCarthy is retained after this, I have no hope left.

Aaron Rodgers’ career is being wasted by this incompetence.


I just watched the replay.
You have Rodgers throwing the ball and don’t go for it on 4th and 2 to try and win?
That’s beyond puzzling.

Vance Joseph has to be the worst game manager in the league but he also doesn’t have Aaron Rodgers throwing for him either.

What a strange decision.


I did too on the NFL channel. Ripper game.

Aaron Rodgers is a fkn gun. That is all.

Pity they couldn’t service him as he deserves tonight.


Love Rodgers fan boys


A.Smith broken leg. Looks like both bones


Jax choked big time


Stick a fork in us, season over


I was watching the game this morning…Steelers kept handing the ball over…something like 35 yards in the first half! But I was thinking Jacksonville couldn’t get anything done…3 field goals. Crazy


Raiders win in the final second with a FG,… 23 - 21.

Cards basically fkd up and threw away a win they should have had.


Haven’t had much to cheer about this season.



Lol, … check out the results of the last 6 games, … don’t reckon I’ve seen such similarities in scores and differences in a 6 game sequence like that before ever,



RIP Alex Smith’s leg.

That’s just horrible.


This score kinda ruined all the close games…


Saints would have to be favourites for Superbowl at this point in time.


Steelers were just horrible in the first half. And then gave it away in the Jax endzone.
The only thing that saved us was our D (6 sacks) and the Jax ineptitude on offense.
Ben is a gambler and hurts us sometimes. Very lucky to come away with a win in the end.


Denver host The Steelers next week.
If we can with that we are back in the wildcard race.

Big,big if.


Saints are destroying everyone. Brees is a superstar