Nfl 2018/19


Really want Brees to win the MVP.
He has only thrown 1 interception for the season.
Mahones is favourite but surely Brees if The Saints keep rampaging deserves it.



Cronulla superstar Valentine Holmes is set to quit the NRL immediately to pursue his #NFL dream, via @BuzzRothfield


Eagles are gone. I could get a game in their defense.


Skins sign Mark Sanchez




Rams and KC looks like a shoot out developing.


Fair old game.

Chiefs trailed 13-0, then led 17-16 when Donald stripped Mahomes which was recovered for a TD.

Mahomes takes it downfield for another TD. Both sides have missed a PAT.

So 23-23 at the half.


23 all going into the 2nd half.


40-30 Rams now.

Bit of a flukey interception gave Rams a TD. Guy batted it down, but somehow hung onto it and forced his way in. Same guy (#50) scored a TD from a forced fumble earlier.

Mahomes had never given up a TD direct from a turnover. Now he’s given up 2…to the same guy.

Rams have just scored another turnover TD, but from my flimsy understanding of the rules, it was an incomplete pass rather than a fumble. KC plays just let it go.

And my flimsy understanding isn’t that flimsy. Overturned on review.


Yowza KC back right in it witha 73 yard pass and TD.



73-yd TD pass from Mahomes to Hill, followed by a 15-yd taunting penalty.

40-37 Rams

Tons of time left


Wow! Yet another sack fumble, and KC walk over the line to go ahead by 4. This is a really good game.


awesome game.


Bluddy hell, …almost instantly, Rams are back at 1st and Goal.

Edit: Aaaaand, THEY’RE IN again, … lead changes for the umpteenth time, …


KC back in front now


6 TDs now for Mahomes…


Good lord, … KC over straight back at them. Lead changes yet again!


Now the Highest scoring Monday Night game ever


The most insane MNF game I have ever seen (watching since '97). The defenses have combined to create 35 points. Un-friggin-believeable.


I have only just had a chance to start watching and looking from the outside in with no info my first thought was this was a terrible defensive game. However it appears to be actually the opposite.