Nfl 2018/19


Rogers a bit off his tucker thus far today.

C’mon Azza, … you’re gonna need to pull out some of that famous last qtr magic again…


Ohhh, so close!

2 cracking throws to get up there, then so so nearly another long pearler for the TD,… Fek!!


4-1 and they went for a field goal. 10 points down better to go touchdown then onside, not field goal then onside.


So when does the conversation start about Brees > Peyton ?

I think if he can deliver a ring this year, he goes past him without question


No one had Brees in any GOAT conversations before this season.

I think he is an amazing player and has had a phenomenal career, plus is an all around good guy.

But he isn’t in the same conversation as Manning or Brady.


Is it because the Saints have been too inconsistent? He cant do what Brady does with hacks


Andrew Luck is putting together a very good season


Cowboys entirely shut down N.O. offensive juggernaut today. Big surprise, and they win 10-13.
They’ll probably go through to the playoffs from the NFC East.


I guess The Saints had to lose one sooner or later.
Might cost them home field later on.
Great effort from The Cowgirls.


Kareem Hunt been sent home from practice, should get weeks for this


Rumours NFL, Chiefs knew about this video



KC have cut him.



Assault normally gets you months, if not years … & in Jail, right?


There goes my dynasty team - Hunt and Ajayi both gone. When I set up my team some of my first picks were megatron and M.Lynch…both retired the year after…so yeah its not going so well


I’m sure the Skins will pick him up. They took that Foster bloke after San Fran cut him, so what’s one more woman basher?

Not my team’s finest hour…


It was a sly jab at the NFL, based on their history

In other news - NFL kinda sat on the report again



Yes…just now

Joe Philbin replaces him as @StealthBomber’s vitriol target


What if Rodgers is slightly overrated?


I wouldn’t think so.