Nfl 2018/19


■■■■ Philly, and ■■■■ the Cowboys. ■■■■ results.

Hope they get pantsed next week and the Chargers do the business on the Pats.


Hit the upright, deflect on to the crossbar and bounced out. Guy has hit the upright 5 times this season.

Kicked the game winning field goal only for it to be waved away because Pederson just beat the snap to call his final timeout.


The calls to trade Wentz and keep Foles get louder. I thought Foles was poor but he got the job done for us again.


Will be at the front of the queue at Chicago Centrelink on Monday morning.

Vying with Steve Bartman to be #1 Most Hated Chicago Sportsman



As a Bears fan, I haven’t enjoyed today.


I am guessing the Ray Finkle jokes haven’t helped.


Bartman play left field?


Replays show that an Eagles defender got his hand on the ball, enough to deflect it on to the post.
It’s now been classified as a blocked kick.


The guaranteed $9 Million contract might make unemployment a tad easier to take.


Clemson destroys Alabama 44-16 in the National Championship Game.

14-13 at the end of the 1st quarter. 30-3 after that.


I knew Clemson were good, but to beat Alabama, that’s huge.


Saw that, he did make a habit of doing it so I will be surprised if he stays for next year.


Low kicks?


2015 Alabama beat Clemson
2016 Clemson beat Alabama
2017 Alabama beat Clemson
2018 Clemson beat Alabama
2019 ???

And yeah I know that technically the winner wins in the new year but stuff the Americans and their stupid final dates.


BTW it makes College Football a little boring that only those two ever make it.


College football is the only big thing in states like South Carolina, Alabama and Mississippi…even Northern Florida.

That…and the odd lynching…and wearing white sheets.


And Skynrd.


And Texas.
Then again, high school football is huge in Texas.


James A Michener’s Texas. Michener wrote huge sprawling sagas about places, often spread over hundreds of years, but with common familial threads running through them.

Friday Night Football was one of his sections of Texas.

Obviously, pre-Colombian, Mexican, Sam Houston, Cotton Growing were other segments. A while since I read it.

Michener’s more famous books were Hawaii and Tales of the South Pacific (dramatised as South Pacific as a movie and Adventures in Paradise starring Gardner McKay as Adam Troy). Probably would be hounded down by the Identity Politics SWNJ’s these days.